Bumper Tubing Lanes at Brian Head

Brian Head, UT installed a pair of exhilarating 450 foot Bumper Tubing lanes to add to their list of Green Season Revenue producing activities. These lanes feature a pair of our basic portable starting decks to give participants an inviting area to load tubes and dispatch into the lanes. On fast days, speeds can top…


Bumper Tubing Lanes at Gunstock

Gunstock, NH is benefitting from another pair of mSnow’s 300 foot Bumper Tubing lanes. These lanes are portable and are placed for summer ops and stored during winter ops. mSnow’s patented Bumper Tubes are simple to roll up for storage, yet are made from the same high-quality durable vinyl commonly used in outdoor ski area…


Tube Slide at Lanier Islands

Lanier Islands in Buford, GA CAT 4 Tube Slide is a custom summer tubing slide that features mSnow’s artificial snow surface and commercial snow tubes. Participants ride down the 300 foot lanes, which are separated by our patented Bumper Tubes, over a thrilling roller, and finally out on a floating dock where they splash land…


Chairlift Ramp

Recycled Orange mSnow is being used at numerous ski areas for lower-cost loading ramp insurance: saves the ramp and customer’s skis, resulting in less negative experiences. It also provides a constant loading height, while also making it easier for the lift operator to maintain the ramp. You can rake or shovel snow from the mSnow,…


mSnow Bumper Tubing at Vail

Patent pending mSnow Bumper Tubing at Summer Ops 2014 at Vail. First-time participants to mSnow Bumper Tubing always comment as to how slippery the mSnow is. We have many years of research into high-tech plastic lubricants. We also sell Tube Wax, a non-messy solution for the problem of slow tubes on hot days.

Recycling Used Road Construction Barrels

Luke and Adam innovated a proprietary way of recycling used road construction barrels to produce the Backyard mSnow. Road barrels are normally thrown in the landfill because normal recyclers don’t seek this plastic for regular recycling. Barrels are difficult to recycle because of the amount of left-over bolts and concrete splatters. Since developing this process,…


People’s Choice Award – 2014 NSAA National Show

Adam and Luke Schrab, the skiing entrepreneurs behind mSnow, won the People’s Choice Award at the Innovation Showcase at the NSAA National Show in 2014. Approximately a dozen companies presented their innovations in 3 minutes or less in an energy-filled auditorium. After the presentations, the audience voted for their favorite via cell phone. The twin…


Bumper Tubing Booth

mSnow Bumper Tubing Booth at NSAA National show in Savannah, GA in 2014. The entire tubing slope shown here is supported on an inflatable structure made with our super durable 18oz vinyl.

Backyard Setup

mSnow backyard setup. This is our most common use for the orange backYard mSnow. Kids usually design their own dropin and rail, build it and then install mSnow on the surfaces. A setup like this one can be used for years without any significant wear. This type of setup has allowed many kids to progress…