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2.1oz Wax Lubricant for your bases when riding on mSnow

Rub it on your base for speed and to prolong the life of your mSnow! Also works great for rails. Totally dry, environmentally-friendly, lasts for 100s of uses, doesn't stain clothing, no messy residue, handy reclosable packaging! PRO TIP - Grab a Scotch Brite scrub pad and rub the wax into the base after will give your skis or board a super slick summer tune!

NOTE - The use of any other lubricant on mSnow is NOT RECOMMENDED. Soapy water works ok, but you end up with mud around your setup. This will eventually get on your boots, skis, or board and get the mSnow surface dirty. WD-40, silicone spray, or Pledge works great, but you will end up with a coating on the mSnow, which attracts dirt and grime. This grimy buildup will eventually slow down your backyard setup!

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