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NEW!!! Backyard Black mSnow - LARGE KIT

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NEW PRODUCT!!! Check out our best Backyard mSnow ever! Same great durability, but softer feel. The black color warms in the sun, exposing critical lubricants. FEELS MORE LIKE REAL SNOW!

For larger Backyard Setups - BEST VALUE!

Each LARGE KIT contains 150 tiles (75 square feet / 6.97 square meters) plus mWax, Screws, and Magnetic Driver! Actual size of each tile is 7in X 10.5in (17.78cm X 26.67cm). Proudly hand made in Michigan, USA of RECYCLED MATERIALS!

NOTE - For multiple kit orders, we will only include one of the driver bits, unless otherwise noted.

CANADIAN CUSTOMERS - Although we do our best to minimize duties and taxes, any additional shipping charges (customs, duties, taxes, etc) are the responsibility of the customer.

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