Monthly Medium Kit Giveaway


mSnow is Giving Away a FREE Medium Kit of Backyard Black mSnow EVERY MONTH!


STEP 1 – Click here to register – only register once, then try to win every month

STEP 2 – Tag @shred_msnow in your postings on instagram

STEP 3 – Also, you must include the following TWO HASHTAGS:


HASHTAG 2 = CURRENT MONTH’S HASHTAG (currently #mmkg12)

STEP 3 – WINNER ANNOUNCED ON/AFTER THE 1ST OF EVERY MONTH (Winners will be announced on instagram and the winning post will appear below.)


There is no limit to how many posts you can enter with.  We are looking for creativity, skill development, skiing or boarding, backyard setups a plus (but not necessary), and picture or video editing quality.  Extra credit given to backyard setup build videos, best use of free or cheap building materials, and size/scope of backyard setup.

IMPORTANT – All contest entries consent to mSnow using their posts for marketing purposes (which will help you also get publicity).

Check Out Medium Monthly Kit Winners

September 2019 WINNER – MMKG11

@thatguybry311 Representing Liberty, Indiana…backyard setup in progress!  Now he too has mSnow to make his setup complete!

August 2019 WINNER – MMKG10

@Durham.jones Hailing from Manchester, Vermont! Not only crazy backyard rail skills, but check out some of his air training videos as well!

July 2019 WINNER – MMKG9

@michaelmskis From Bloomington, Minnesota…lots of awesome instagram videos, but this one took the cake for MMKG9!  Lots of skill progression including inverts and reverts!

June 2019 WINNER – MMKG8

@tboification From Big Bear CA, Jordan has a ton of awesome snowboarding posts, but this one took the win in MMKG8…great slo-mo, one foot out on a kink…AWESOME!

May 2019 WINNER – MMKG7

@andr3dreyer Chill style, super clean, and even a rail flip helped Andre to win his Backyard Black Medium mSnow Kit!  Nice work, Andre!

April 2019 WINNER – MMKG6

@adam_peterson_skis_ Driving hard on his backyard setup…this is where skill development happens! Now he will have our NEW Backyard Black Medium Kit to add to his summer setup! Keeping it real!!!

March 2019 WINNER – MMKG5

@zach_shuster3 Dialing it in at Hyland Hills! Crazy amount of Midwest spinning and a little cork to go with it!!! Great job, Zach! Says he is going to build a secret setup with his Medium Kit of mSnow!

February 2019 WINNER – MMKG4

Check out @_shaun.carney_ instagram…cool backyard setup, just waiting for mSnow this spring! Check out his mad BMX skills in some of his other videos as well!

January 2019 WINNER – MMKG3

Check out @reecelupo instagram…amazing backyard setup, complete with home made snowgun and ropetow.  Great job on your backyard setup!

December 2018 WINNER – MMKG2

Check out @wiscoskiguys instagram…great effort from Wisconsin! Lots of new skills being developed…keep up the good work and enjoy the mSnow!

November 2018 WINNER – MMKG1

Check out @bentasso34 instagram…resourceful use of mSnow and other building materials. Mad skills being developed  before the parks are open!